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Stop practicing dentistry alone.

The AI-powered community platform to help you become a better dental professional.


Specifically designed to meet your dental needs.

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AI Dental Assistant (Meet DA-3)

Empowers informed clinical decisions and guides you through dental procedures.
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HIPAA Compliant

Ensures HIPAA compliance, securing and deidentifying data for utmost privacy and confidentiality.
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Social Platform

Enables real-time collaboration among dental professionals for enhanced patient care and improved treatment outcomes.
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Mandible Spaces

Private hubs for teaching, collaboration, and case sharing, tailored to your specific needs.
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Mandible Profile

Ensures distinguished visibility and informed hiring, empowering dental professionals to showcase their expertise and achievements.
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How It Works

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By joining Mandible, users can expect a vibrant community of dental professionals, seamless case sharing, valuable insights from peers, and opportunities for collaboration. It's a gateway to enhanced knowledge and growth in the dental field.

Vibrant community of dental professionals
Seamless case sharing and collaboration.
Valuable insights and knowledge growth in the dental field
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Raise Standard of Care

By harnessing the power of collective learning and AI-driven insights, our aim is to elevate the standard of care. Through collaborative efforts and cutting-edge technology, we empower dental professionals to access new levels of expertise and provide exceptional patient outcomes.

Raise the standard of care through collective learning
Harness AI-driven insights to enhance dental practices.
Empower dentists with advanced tech for exceptional outcomes.
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Elevate Career

Our platform offers dental professionals the chance to pursue job opportunities while tackling continuing education courses through real-life clinical cases. By engaging with these cases, practitioners gain practical experience and knowledge, enhancing their skills and opening doors to new career prospects. It's a unique opportunity for professional growth and advancement in the field of dentistry.

Pursue job opportunities while engaging with real-life clinical cases.
Tackle continuing education courses through practical experience
Enhance skills and open doors to new career prospects in dentistry.
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“Mandible has made me a way more productive and confident clinician. I don't know what I would do without it.”
“This is an invaluable tool for dentists and specialists. With its user-friendly interface and robust features, it facilitates seamless case sharing and fosters collaboration among dental professionals. A must-have for enhancing clinical expertise and professional growth..”
“Mandible has been invaluable in connecting me with dental professionals outside of the armed forces. It has significantly contributed to my professional growth and has provided invaluable learning opportunities.”

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